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A new alarm for toilet training children with developmental disabilities?

Can you believe it? An alarm attached to a disposable diaper/nappy to send messages to your smartphone!  Don’t get your hopes up, however. The “TweetPee” is NOT a cheap device which could replace the wet pants alarm used during potty or toilet training (Bettison, S.: Toilet training for children with autism or intellectual disabilities. Brisbane, Australia, e-book,, 2011).

Toilet training and autism - book review

There is very little information available in print about the specific problems that children with autism can have with toilet training and methods for overcoming them.

Apart from my recently published book, available on this web site,, we have found one other book, published by Maria Wheeler in 1998.

A number of parents have asked whether Wheeler’s book would be useful for their children.  For some it was entirely appropriate. However, other children with autism need more intensive teaching than Wheeler provides.

Analysing toileting development and program design

A new publication for free download was added to in August, 2012.  It is an early paper written during the large toilet training research program which led to a range of toilet training procedures and programs, and to the three books available for sale on this web site. It outlines the basics of how a behavioural analysis of self-toileting can be done.  The first study of the research program made it clear that such a behavioural analysis was needed before an effective training program could be designed and trialled.

Want to browse through the revised toilet training manual?

Toilet training to independence for children with severe and profound developmental  disabilities (revised, 2011) is a manual for trainers experienced or trained in developmental disabilities or supervised by a professional with that training.  Parents can also use all or some parts of the manual, but would probably benefit from professional support while doing so, as the program is more intensive than is usual in home programs.

Want to browse through the toilet training book?

Toilet training for children with autism or intellectual disabilities has been published as a book to be downloaded instead of as a paper book.  This makes it easier to access for many people who have difficulty gaining access to regular books.  A downloaded book is easier to manage when it is being used as an instruction manual for toilet training training programs.  You can have it on a DVD, in a file on your computer or an ebook reader.  You can also easily print the  pages you need. I have specifically given you permission to print any parts that you need.

Useful Publications

Dr. Bettison's work involved much more than toilet training. We will gradually put a number of former publications on this site for your information and interest. One group of publications headed "Behaviour change" begins with Dr. Bettison's earliest publication, "Simple Behaviour Modification Techniques as Aids in Teaching Parents of Autistic Children Child-rearing Principles".