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Announcing a revision of the toilet training manual

The result of extensive research and testing, this book, first published in 1982, details an intensive program for toilet training children with severe and profound intellectual disabilities.

The manual begins with an overview of the development of bladder and bowel control. Initial assessment of toileting skills, behavior management, establishment of the training en­vironment, selection of trainers, and professional and organizational support all receive thorough coverage. The program itself is presented in steps. Each step is detailed in respect of a behavioral target, performance criteria and specific procedures. The author explains techniques for ensuring smooth per­formance of the entire toileting sequence and describes methods for maintaining the skills learned. A final section encompasses commonly encountered problems and their solutions. Appendices provide samples of record sheets and charts and instructions for their use. A bibliography is also included.

Since its first release the Manual has been used by many training teams with professional support and some parents with professional supervision. Special schools and residential facilities have obtained grants to cover the cost of additional staff needed to provide the intensive one-to-one training required.  This revision now brings a valuable resource up to date.