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Book Announcement

For those involved with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities and toilet training we are celebrating the first release of a book which has been waited on for many years;  Sue Bettison’s compendium of the full range of her toilet training procedures for Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities.  The book is called  “Toilet Training for Children with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities” and it truly does cover both sets of disorders and a very wide range of toileting problems and procedures to correct them.

The book contains much of Sue’s collected wisdom from many years of research, clinical practice, and collaboration with parents and others working with children with special needs.

The book is being released on this web site, rather than having it published as a paper book, so that parents and professionals can easily access it from any country as well as from outside major cities.  Digital books are less expensive than paper books and can be read on screen, printed, or saved to a computer, DVD or other portable device.

It is a book to be read once and then searched for the parts that are relevant to you. It is full of program instructions, record forms, and lots of fascinating background information.  Sue wants you to copy and print the parts you need for your own programs.  She has also included lots of stories from her work with families and plenty of answers to questions which have been asked by parents over the years.