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Want to browse through the revised toilet training manual?

Toilet training to independence for children with severe and profound developmental  disabilities (revised, 2011) is a manual for trainers experienced or trained in developmental disabilities or supervised by a professional with that training.  Parents can also use all or some parts of the manual, but would probably benefit from professional support while doing so, as the program is more intensive than is usual in home programs.

Like the other books on this web site, it has been published as a book to be downloaded instead of as a paper book.   A downloaded book is easier to manage when it is being used as an instruction manual for toilet training programs.  You can have it on a DVD, in a file on your computer or an ebook reader.  You can also easily print the  pages you need. I have specifically given you permission to print any parts that you need. The book is also cheaper as a download rather than as a printed and bound paper book.

However, you cannot pick the book up and browse through its pages until you have downloaded it.  Therefore, I have put together a short publication containing the cover, full list of contents and introduction.  The table of contents is very full and covers even the shortest of topics.

Click on the menu item, Publications at the top of any page. You will find an item titled, "Browse the revised toilet training manual". Click on the word, 'here' under this title. Then browse to your heart's content.